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Face-changing performer

Face-changing master

Wai Shui-Kwan

  • National treasure-class face-changing master

  • Founder of Wai-style face-changing art

  • World Record Holder-76 Faces

  • World record holder (Two performers) - 102 faces



  • World Outstanding Chinese Award- 2009

  • Directory of Chinese Who Is Who - Outstanding Chinese Figures for 2013

Face-changing master HATHOR Wai
  • The most famous Mask Illusionist in Hong Kong  

  • First Mask Illusionist who added western element to perform 

  • Women Single Mask Illusionist Record - 36masks

  • World record holder (Two performers) - 102 faces


2019 WCOPA Senior Group of Variety Show -

  • Global - Total Gold Award

  • U.S. Live Show Gold Award

  • Hong Kong - Gold Award

Face-changing prince
  • The youngest male face-changing artist in Hong Kong

  • More than Ten years of experience on the stage

  • Devoted to research into the history and

  • development trend of face-changing

  • Dedicated to promoting the art through various means

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