Face-changing Master
Hathor Wai
2019 WCOPA Senior Group of Variety Show 
  • Hong Kong - Gold Award
  • Global - Total Gold Award
  • U.S. Live Show Gold Award




Ms. Hathor Wai is the only female face-changing performer in Hong Kong, and she has earned a lot of fame although she is still a young artist. Wai Shui-Kwan is her father. After years of practice, she has introduced creative elements into the culture of face-changing, such as cartoon animation, modern dance, martial arts as well as modern music bands. Bold innovations and constant improvements have made her performances even more diverse and wonderful. In addition to new elements, she has also explored fresh experiences of traditional culture. During a performance tour with her father in Taiwan in 2010, they presented a remarkable breakthrough performance on a TV program. She set a fresh record of changing 32 faces; in May 2011, she broke the record with 35 faces and became the most popular female face-changing artist in Hong Kong.

Characteristics of face-changing performances
1. Basic skills, body movement, elegant and distinctive

After graduating from Shanghai Theatre Academy, she returned to Hong Kong and received training from her father. Thanks to the solid basic skills she acquired from the academy, she has made her performance more elegant and distinctive. 


2. Tradition and innovation 

 In addition to traditional performances, she has also introduced some innovative elements like Western dance and cartoon face masks.

3. Unconventional inheritance

 As a female artist, she has broken the tradition that face-changing techniques are only passed to male heirs. 


4. Amazing

In the middle of a performance, the artist will go into the auditorium and shake hands with some guests, and show off their skills to the audience face to face.


5. Surprise
Before a show is wrapped up, the artist can change faces into the company’s logo, an emblem or a personal portrait (choose one of them), to bring the festive atmosphere to a climax. 
6. Representative

As a native Hong Kong girl, she possessed a combination of Chinese and western culture, and with her creative performance, she is a representativeness of hong kong.

She has performed in the following countries and regions: (Part) 
  • United States

  • Japan  

  • Taiwan

  • Macau

  • Canada

  • Singapore

  • Dubai

  • Abu Dhabi

  • Russia

  • Britain

  • Thailand

  • Maldives

  • South Korea

  • Australia


2010 - present

2010 - present

Performance experience

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