National treasure-class face-changing master
Master Wai Shui-Kwan
  • World record holder

  • World Outstanding Chinese Award - 2009

  • Directory of Chinese Who Is Who - Outstanding Chinese Figures for 2013

World Record Holder

Originating from Sichuan Opera, face-changing is a second-degree state secret; Wai-style face-changing art is even more fantastic and wonderful, and has been accredited as a state treasure. Founder Wai Shui-Kwan is now the best-known face-changing master. With distinctive styles created by himself, he has traveled around the world in the past two decades and brought wonderful performances to large companies’ anniversary celebrations and important ceremonies. He even showcased the quintessence of Chinese culture in front of foreign state leaders. Wai Shui-Kwan is the first artist to bring Sichuan’s valuable face-changing techniques to Hong Kong. Besides, he has figured out new creations to enrich the performance and make it more fantastic on the stage. His performances are totally different. After a show, he removes his cloak and hat so that the curious audience can have a good look at him. Much to the audience’s surprise, he comes very close to the audience and shakes hands with them, and suddenly changes faces.


In recent years he has made fresh breakthroughs to make the art form more amazing. On a program on China Central Television in 2007, he set a record of changing 44 faces; a year later, he broke the record with 58 faces. In June 2010, he made an amazing attempt on a TV program with his daughter Hathor Wai - they changed a total of 102 faces, setting a new world record; he changed 70 faces alone. Three months later, he challenged himself again on a Taiwan TV show, and once again created a new record with 76 faces changed on the show.

Characteristics of face-changing performances
Good postures and momentum

With years of school education in drama courses, he is a distinctive artist and can make good postures and movements on the stage. 

Rapid and miraculous 

He can make face masks without any disguise and change

faces in a flash. 


Many face masks can be changed.
Generally speaking, he can change 25-30 faces in a show,
more than most performers. 



In the middle of a performance, he will come into the auditorium

and meet with guests face to face. When he shakes hands with

guests, he may suddenly change a face. 


Unexpected surprise

At any moment before a show is wrapped up, he may suddenly

show a company’s logo or a personal portrait on his face. 



Past performances

2010 - present

2010 - present

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